conformal application

conformal application
конформное размещение <напр. элементов бортового электронного оборудования>

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  • Conformal coating — material is applied to electronic circuitry to act as protection against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes that, if uncoated (non protected), could result in damage or failure of the electronics to function. When electronics… …   Wikipedia

  • Conformal map — For other uses, see Conformal (disambiguation). A rectangular grid (top) and its image under a conformal map f (bottom). It is seen that f maps pairs of lines intersecting at 90° to pairs of curves still intersecting at 90°. In mathematics, a… …   Wikipedia

  • Conformal pictures — Here are examples of conformal maps understood as deforming pictures. This technique is a generalization of domain coloring where the domain space is not colored by a fixed infinite color wheel but by a finite picture tiling the plane. A… …   Wikipedia

  • Conformal geometry — In mathematics, conformal geometry is the study of the set of angle preserving (conformal) transformations on a space. In two real dimensions, conformal geometry is precisely the geometry of Riemann surfaces. In more than two dimensions,… …   Wikipedia

  • Conformal symmetry — In theoretical physics, conformal symmetry is a symmetry under dilatation (scale invariance) and under the special conformal transformations. Together with the Poincaré group these generate the conformal symmetry group. The conformal group has… …   Wikipedia

  • Conformal dimension — In mathematics, the conformal dimension of a metric space X is the infimum of the Hausdorff dimension over the conformal gauge of X, that is, the class of all metric spaces quasisymmetric to X.[1] Contents 1 Formal definition 2 Properties …   Wikipedia

  • Application conforme — Transformation conforme Une transformation conforme est une transformation qui conserve les angles. Une France conforme, et... anticonforme Sommaire 1 Cas du plan 1.1 Exemples holomorphes …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Théorème de l'application conforme — En mathématiques, et plus précisément en analyse complexe, le théorème de l application conforme, dû à Bernhard Riemann, assure que toutes les parties ouvertes simplement connexes du plan complexe (qui ne sont ni vides ni égales au plan tout… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Liouville's theorem (conformal mappings) — In mathematics, Liouville s theorem is a theorem about conformal mappings in Euclidean space. It states that any conformal mapping on a domain of R n , where n > 2, can be expressed as a composition of translations, similarities, orthogonal… …   Wikipedia

  • Metamaterial cloaking — Electromagnetism Electricity · …   Wikipedia

  • Inversive geometry — Not to be confused with Inversive ring geometry. In geometry, inversive geometry is the study of those properties of figures that are preserved by a generalization of a type of transformation of the Euclidean plane, called inversion. These… …   Wikipedia

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